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monero-wallet-cli --daemon-address ADDRESS:PORT
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Donation:  45XnKxS1RNLHJHYuuTdT8GdBZiHgERVZZ2pdKx9gWhZhUy6m2Eb4cEmiKg4ZPfwXtWds2Dm598x21g2Wp8uDxSW16EmbEZS
(EDIT: thanks to whoever donated 1 XMR!)              1448140         0d 7h 34m 3s            Paris, France             1448137         66d 11h 27m 59s         Prague, Czech Republic             1448137         66d 4h 18m 36s          Frankfurt am Main, Germany           1448137         65d 19h 32m 45s         Paris, France             1448137         65d 9h 45m 31s          Falkenstein, Germany             1448137         54d 21h 24m 45s         San Diego, United States            1448137         49d 4h 38m 33s          Beauharnois, Canada            1448137         44d 2h 11m 8s           Paris, France             1448137         43d 6h 18m 15s          Pomona, United States               1448137         42d 9h 34m 20s          Roubaix, France            1448137         42d 5h 24m 9s           Sandnes, Norway              1448137         41d 9h 34m 40s          Berlin, Germany               1448137         41d 8h 41m 3s           Nuremberg, Germany                 1448137         41d 8h 40m 49s          Nuremberg, Germany            1448137         41d 8h 42m 12s          Nuremberg, Germany             1448137         41d 8h 42m 49s          Berlin, Germany            1448137         41d 8h 42m 33s          Berlin, Germany                1448137         41d 8h 41m 18s          Nuremberg, Germany            1448137         40d 20h 36m 54s         Beauharnois, Canada             1448137         40d 5h 11m 45s          Phoenix, United States            1448137         40d 5h 11m 0s           Phoenix, United States           1448137         39d 17h 4m 16s          North Bergen, United States              1448137         39d 14h 27m 16s         Gunzenhausen, Germany             1448137         39d 7h 23m 29s          Palo Alto, United States              1448137         39d 7h 22m 31s          Darmstadt, Germany                1448137         38d 20h 20m 40s         Nuremberg, Germany           1448137         37d 23h 53m 57s         Phoenix, United States              1448137         37d 11h 29m 44s         Margahayukencana, Indonesia               1448137         35d 9h 27m 23s          Strasbourg, France              1448137         34d 14h 26m 4s          Busan, South Korea                 1448137         34d 13h 4m 30s          Nuremberg, Germany              1448137         32d 6h 27m 5s           Gunzenhausen, Germany               1448137         31d 0h 27m 26s          Kiev, Ukraine              1448137         29d 5h 46m 19s          Beauharnois, Canada             1448137         27d 4h 41m 28s          Charlotte, United States               1448137         26d 14h 48m 58s         Roubaix, France               1448137         25d 12h 33m 34s         Gunzenhausen, Germany              1448137         24d 7h 22m 59s          Paris, France                 1448137         22d 11h 39m 35s         Nuremberg, Germany             1448137         21d 22h 28m 15s         Amsterdam, Netherlands             1448137         21d 12h 19m 27s         London, United Kingdom               1448137         20d 21h 10m 52s         Minneapolis, United States              1448137         20d 15h 24m 6s          Gunzenhausen, Germany              1448137         20d 13h 1m 12s          Falkenstein, Germany             1448137         19d 2h 23m 49s          Oslo, Norway              1448137         18d 7h 5m 39s           Mount Laurel, United States             1448137         18d 6h 37m 16s          Montreal, Canada               1448137         18d 2h 26m 59s          Stockholm, Sweden            1448137         17d 0h 37m 45s          Paris, France             1448137         14d 22h 56m 30s         Nuremberg, Germany            1448137         14d 5h 31m 39s          Newark, United States           1448137         14d 2h 24m 41s          Paris, France            1448137         13d 15h 59m 30s         Roubaix, France              1448137         13d 7h 38m 3s           Paris, France            1448137         13d 1h 26m 38s          Buffalo, United States            1448137         12d 19h 7m 55s          Paris, France                 1448137         12d 17h 52m 12s         Nuremberg, Germany           1448137         12d 13h 25m 49s         Beijing, China            1448137         11d 21h 33m 11s         Steinsel, Luxembourg            1448137         11d 8h 20m 15s          Stockholm, Sweden           1448137         10d 11h 25m 54s         Chiba, Japan             1448137         10d 8h 4m 13s           Paris, France           1448137         8d 13h 27m 55s          Hong Kong, Hong Kong            1448137         5d 18h 42m 40s          Taipei, Taiwan              1448137         5d 1h 38m 56s           Portland, United States           1448137         4d 22h 54m 47s          Munich, Germany             1448137         4d 21h 20m 44s          Cleveland, United States              1448137         4d 20h 28m 15s          Hong Kong, Hong Kong              1448137         4d 16h 24m 18s          Darmstadt, Germany             1448137         3d 20h 38m 16s          Albany, United States           1448137         3d 16h 4m 34s           Paris, France               1448137         3d 16h 8m 0s            Rock Hill, United States            1448137         3d 14h 7m 56s           Perm', Russia           1448137         3d 6h 2m 11s            Singapore, Singapore                1448137         3d 4h 42m 0s            New York City, United States              1448137         2d 16h 3m 28s           Beijing, China            1448137         2d 9h 31m 36s           Suqian, China            1448137         2d 5h 1m 16s            Tampere, Finland            1448137         2d 4h 50m 0s            Tampere, Finland            1448137         1d 18h 39m 26s          Paris, France            1448137         1d 15h 32m 56s          Hangzhou, China               1448137         1d 14h 45m 40s          Nuremberg, Germany            1448137         1d 10h 32m 52s          London, United Kingdom            1448137         1d 9h 53m 10s           Perm', Russia             1448137         1d 8h 31m 21s           Los Angeles, United States              1448137         1d 7h 50m 21s           Roubaix, France             1448137         1d 7h 3m 31s            Dusseldorf, Germany           1448137         1d 6h 40m 33s           Budapest, Hungary               1448137         0d 21h 50m 10s          Falkenstein, Germany            1448137         0d 21h 52m 2s           Montevideo, Uruguay              1448137         0d 20h 3m 7s            Hicksville, United States             1448137         0d 20h 13m 3s           Vancouver, Canada            1448137         0d 19h 35m 24s          Nuremberg, Germany               1448137         0d 17h 22m 45s          Nashville, United States               1448137         0d 13h 47m 37s          Nuremberg, Germany              1448137         0d 12h 25m 17s          Karlsruhe, Germany             1448137         0d 12h 58m 12s          Bangalore, India            1448137         0d 9h 30m 51s           Roosendaal, Netherlands              1448137         0d 8h 17m 33s           Nuremberg, Germany            1448137         0d 8h 27m 36s           Phoenix, United States            1448133         6d 20h 59m 47s          Taipei, Taiwan             1448133         3d 19h 33m 55s          Maia, Portugal             1444968         54d 10h 46m 24s         Kansas City, United States             1443738         26d 8h 35m 7s           Kansas City, United States           1416534         1d 6h 35m 52s           Atlanta, United States           1414971         67d 20h 5m 4s           Los Angeles, United States           1413075         73d 19h 25m 16s         Cape Town, South Africa             1413075         67d 7h 0m 23s           Roubaix, France             1412248         66d 22h 50m 53s         Auckland, New Zealand              1410966         74d 12h 50m 38s         Roubaix, France            1410589         67d 0h 19m 49s          Dallas, United States             1400001         182d 3h 14m 18s         Dublin, Ireland                1400001         165d 13h 22m 43s        Lanzingen, Germany           1400001         138d 9h 56m 17s         Munich, Germany             1400001         83d 0h 25m 59s          Nuremberg, Germany            1400001         65d 18h 4m 44s          Clifton, United States              1400001         12d 14h 17m 28s         Saint Petersburg, Russia            1400001         11d 9h 54m 43s          Montreal, Canada              1377941         106d 5h 36m 28s         Nuremberg, Germany                1288639         171d 3h 3m 44s          Los Angeles, United States              1220521         17417d 22h 51m 2s       Nuremberg, Germany            723673          1d 9h 0m 38s            Secaucus, United States
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